Can you believe I won an award? Me neither, but here they are! Thanks to all who nominated or referred me for rewards. I am always flattered to be referred or nominated for other awards, so; feel free to push my Chaos in the right direction!


 Nominated by Anewwe June 25, 2013


Submitted through ClownPonders July 7, 2013


Totally Random Award that I qualify for because I blog on WordPress. This award was created by Shaun, so please go check him out. Oh! And– go me! Yay!


Another award that is given simply to share the love between blogs and bloggers. Again, no special reason for this one other than sharing some blogosphere love.


I was tickled pink to find out I had been awarded this by the wonderful Kintal. I post this badge happily as I like to think I can be versatile in life and writing!