Squandered Fury


social divide, homeless, anger, fury, bully, social advocacy, introvert, loneliness

I saw you there
In the corner
Frigid air embracing your form
I walked on with no word
Squandered Fury

I saw your eyes
Lingering on my lunch
Looking to the part left untouched
I threw it away without a thought
Squandered Fury

I saw you on the playground
Kicking a stone
No one to play with, alone
I averted my eyes and took my child, headed home
Squandered Fury

I saw the way you held yourself
As they threw barbs your way
No need to step in, you seemed okay
I walked away as long as their slurs were not for me
Squandered Fury

I saw the way you sat in the crowd
Smiling softly, never making a sound
Waiting for someone to invite your words
I simply bypassed you and tossed my two cents in
Squandered Fury

Oh I saw you there,
Each and every time.s
Take solace in knowing,
I raged on through my day.
Bathed in squandered fury,
Leaving you unsaved.

© Copyright 2013,2014, Copyrighted.com Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Fury…by Koray Salih