Leviathan, hell, dreams, choices, life, reality, perception, thoughts, struggle

Crossed lines and one way streets
Deception lies in the space where they meet

Charming manipulations and pretty little lies
All the while staring you straight in the eye

Smoke and mirrors in the present and the past
Cracks begin to stem across the looking-glass

Faith determined by hope in the unseen
Reality written by that which lays between

Broken promises and whispered dreams
All spoken behind the father’s screen

Riddles and rhymes disguise your meaning
In time you are made a non-believer

Color staining the walls now fades to black and white
Sleeping with demons through another fitful night

No more fairy tales hidden in the mind
Only a broken and forgotten shell left behind

No longer friends with your own soul
Icy water upon the flame’s spark has taken its toll

Finally beaten back against life’s wall; head hangs low
Leviathan has struck his final blow

The body and mind wrestle no more
As your feet carry you through hell’s door…

© Copyright 2013,2014, Copyrighted.com Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Leviathan by MercurialXen