Twenty Fourteen


2014, Twenty Fourteen, Divine Chaos, The Art of Divine Chaos, Resolutions, Dreams, Intentions, New Year, wishes, faith

Finding rainbows despite the storms
Hearing music above the din
Catlike stretches and bigger yawns
Choosing crayons that don’t match
Twenty Fourteen

Spinning in the rain
Swimming in murky puddles
Counting moonbeams
Chasing unseen rabbits
Twenty Fourteen

Finding shapes in puffy clouds
Blanket forts
Hide and Seek
Pitty pat and jinx
Twenty Fourteen

Frigid air against dusky cheeks
Lucky pennies
Nights spent laughing
Singing off-key
Twenty Fourteen

Secret passages
Cozy socks
Wishes that come true
Home cooked meals
Twenty Fourteen

Sun kissed skin
Unbeaten paths
New adventures
Old friends
Twenty Fourteen

Frogs and kisses
Smiles that hurt
Rewriting endings
Finishing each others sentences
Twenty Fourteen

Putting old demons to rest
Learning to whisper
Believing in prayers
Passing the tests
Twenty Fourteen

Caution thrown to the wind
Careless abandon for the child within
Fairy tales with happy endings
Memories and new beginnings
Twenty Fourteen

~Divine Chaos

© Copyright 2013, Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved

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