Trip the Light


love, dance, reminders, dreams, death, forgotten dreams, memoriesShe danced wildly that night
arms akimbo her body took flight.

Her head fell back and lids softly closed

Never–no, never had she been lighter on her toes

Every care within her mind had carelessly been left behind

Each sway turned up the clammy hand of a humid August breeze
The swing of her skirt caught upon the uplift and hung suspended

A small dip back before spinning away
her lips knew every song’s words that day.

They became her own, committed now to memory 
Her fingers curled midair snatching the notes,
holding them hostage, clutched to her breast. 

Never to be released…

She knows when the dream fades and the dance is complete,
hands pull back and eyes survey the pieces that remain.

Only to find the notes have slipped through her fingers yet again.

Her head falls back, lids softly close

Her mind searching for the last whispers of their song

Grey has set in, she has had her last dance
The was no last call, no stolen chance

She danced wildly that night
arms akimbo, her body took flight…

~Divine Chaos

© Copyright 2013, Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Shadows of Past by Lyubomir Bukov