stay, nightmares, death, abuse, win, lose, talons, karma, retribution

It came today

The day I had hoped would never surface

This time though

Much to your chagrin

You would now be the loser

Ha ha, I win

There is no fear any longer

You are revealed for all to see

The monstrosity that walks cloaked in human skin

Amazingly the nightmares no longer visit me

It seems they’ve decided to set their sights on thee.

Karma, Retribution–they are all the same

But today I smile

Because both speak your name

Is it hard to sleep at night

Reliving those you put through struggle and strife

Does the dwindling of years laid before you

Cause you to rethink those you’ve laid to waste

Or is it now that you find yourself in this place

Chained like a beast to the horror that is you

A space created by you from broken dreams and terror

Love misplaced and fists thrown in error

Time ran out like those you once controlled

Your angry words and lies finally exposed.

The time of oh so many spent reconstructing that which once was

Now watches contentedly as time released your own demons upon you

The past is over, I’ve laid it to rest

Unfortunately for you, the past allows you no rest

The deep-set eyes, the containers laden with alcohol spill over

A body withers beneath the claims of what others have done

Curled in a corner with the demons you created

Skin wrought from your back under words like talons

Eyes closed tight for protection

But they’re inside you now

Residing in the vacant spot that is your personally defiled soul

No rest for the weary, No mercy for thee

They sing to you now in the words of a forgotten song– Jodeci

Don’t worry though, death shan’t be long

The body struggles to stay on even after the mind is gone…

Peace be with me

Mercy forsake you

Shackles broken and refit

Through this night you sit chained with no reprieve

For all you’ve done and all that went unseen

Sing it once more, sing for me again?

Baby won’t you just stay…

Snickering as the flat notes fall along the walls of you mental prison

Full circle we’ve come

Only now I am the victor

The one who has won.

~Divine Chaos

© Copyright 2013, Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: The Color of Death by Yanare Ku

Dedicated to my Queen Victoria and any who have endured abuse at the hands of another.

Today is the day you break free, always and forever.