Children of the Stars


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Children of the stars
Tainted by their dust
Yet they look upon one another
No idea who they are
The universe settles in a soft soulful sigh

The children of the sky see not their gifts
Only do they suspire for that not given
Eons spent walking through the sand
Not one has recognized the truth of each grain
That stores up the dunes, breaking the wind’s call

Breath wasted on words that turn into scars
They forget still they are children of the stars
Pavement is laid slicing through a gift  given
Stealing from others the right to call forests their heaven

No longer do they look upon their brethren cloaked in soft fur
Such admittance a nuisance, capable of felling ridiculous logic
The children of the stars no longer remember who they are

Twilight slips upon each day embracing  those within
But still they refuse to look deeper within
Flowers take refuge now,  petals quietly furling upward
closing out the evil sight

Of those who walk carelessly  snatching from the ground
Ornaments of beauty intended to evoke reverence
Fading into death upon the forgotten table
The children of the stars know not who their family are

The veins of life run through each
Power trumps beauty and compassion for earthbound stars
A distorted and  intricately woven perception of reality
Has befallen those entrusted as the keepers of this home
Each now separated, alone–though padding softly along the same trail

The children of the stars tainted with dominance and prestige
Such things matter little to a tree’s withering leaves
The promise of a new season crushed beneath the heel of neglect
The children of the stars hopelessly wander refusing who they are

Sun dawns again upon the spherical gift, bright with hope
Still they litter their gift with the dregs of heartless communication
Faith in the soul’s evolution a fading dream
The children of the stars have forgotten their inner song

Then one among them recognizes the peace
The gentle song of silence murmurs beneath the hum of the world
The veins of a leaf noticed now
This single one sees the connection they share
A lonely simper plays upon lips
no longer wishing to live the lie

The home  gifted to be shared
Taken by force self-righteously stripped bare
The flight of a swallow upon the wind’s hold
Reminds that the wires are now the swooping creature’s home
Drifting down upon the last patch of green
This one now sees the destruction of the universe’s dream

The mind’s eye wanders further out
Remembering the grit upon the street
The litter upon the water’s crest
Knowing now they have little time left.
Children of the stars recognizing their havoc
Weeping to meet one another where the sky and ocean embrace

Their time draws near
Their arrogance no longer appreciated here
The children of the stars have forgotten who they are.

~Divine Chaos

© Copyright 2013, Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: You are a Angel by Vladena13