Song of the Killdeer


Song of the Killdeer, labyrinth, maze, poetry, prose, nightmares, dreams, past

Tip toe through the mind’s maze
Soft tips of fingers along the left wall graze
Muted notes of the Killdeer gently rasp the ears
Ensnared now within the web of fears

Fairy tales once believed in now fall away
Remain surrounded by self-created boundaries
Apparitions of the past now reappear
Not one allowing their memory to be wiped clear.

A fire begins to slowly burn
Hands draw near and upturned
A moment’s speed gifts warmth
Followed by the sear of past wonts

The pendulum swings
Time is drawing near
The refuge of love sought, no longer here
Eyes cloud with tears of vexation

A path across deep waters and uncharted land
There is no escaping the undoing of one’s own hand
Folding neatly upon the rock’s edge
Knees drawn tightly to the chest

Willowy arms embrace tired limbs
Another night searching, lost in the swim
The slow rocking begins
Spine pressed along the labyrinth’s wall

Reality emerges marking no repose to the evening’s call
Waiting, watching, stalking the spirit
A soft whimper begins to mock the Killdeer’s song
Cloaked in darkness, the chill has set in

Past sins replay, again and again
On the precipice of dawn they begin to fade away
The sun’s first rays kiss the stars goodbye
Another day’s reprieve has at last arrived

~Divine Chaos

© Copyright 2013, Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credit: Labyrinth by Luis Royo