So I Did



So, today I did it. I made the switch to a personal domain!

I’ve played with this option for a while now but just didn’t see the value in it. After mulling it over for some time I decided the move to my domain better represented  my written work and could only serve to enhance my online presence. I wanted to be able to have a bit more ownership over my work and how I present those works within the site’s design. I decided it was time to build the brand The Art of Divine Chaos and give my written works a bit more credibility by moving from WordPress-free.

I believe in my writing so I decided it was worth it. I want my works to have their own cozy niche on the web. Good, bad, indifferent I want those who come across my writings and site to know I am serious enough about my writing and my worth as a writer that I can afford to invest in myself. I hope you see it that way also.

I am also hoping my visitors will have an easier time navigating my site so, I hope you all like it! For those of you who visit and subscribe there is no cause for concern, everything is being redirected to the new domain.  Please feel free to leave me comments and critiques on the updated site. I am happy to take under review any suggestions for site improvement! And don’t forget to mark the new page,

~Divine Chaos