poem, poetry, prose, solace, romance, broken heart, soul searching

Fall back and choose to listen

You prefer to step forward, keys already in the ignition

And so begins the well executed dance of argumentative parlay

Soul sabotage now the top goal of the day

-Sidebar called-

You’ve transposed who I am for who you wished me to be

Where you see dark water, a caution–a hazard

I see a dark past that has been carefully traveled

All your words sound the same so speak to me in cliché

The niceties you proposed so very long ago

Spoken in vain, They’ve all fallen away

Vague promises you made now seen for what they are

Their truth sinking beneath the green

feeding into the root of the soul

The spirit knocks against its fragile bone cage

Stopping suddenly at the jolt of pain

Destiny and I have a date it appears

To now call it quits, silently slinking out of here

Loneliness no longer pains me

I merely contemplate these changes

Solace visits once more

My never forgotten stranger

~Divine Chaos

© Copyright 2013, Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credit: Waiting by Overcoming-Silence