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I haven’t posted much since school began the last week of August. It seems this time of the year, no matter how one plans for it, it always seems to go a bit astray. Calculating schedules, robbing Peter the electric man to pay Paul the daycare man, carefully constructing homework routines for both myself and my child, transportation, planning play dates, then of course the most pressing detail of all–when do I get to schedule, well rather, sneak in some solitude.

For those of you who may not know, I am currently pursuing two degrees simultaneously, both in the medical field. This is my last semester (hopefully) of all the required academic courses. In the spring I will finally begin my practicals/clinicals for both degrees. It’s been a long, arduous journey with many semesters of 18+ credits while working, but I am so proud to be nearing the end and putting my knowledge to work in the real world in a way that provides for others in society. Sorry, I’m simply a liberal at heart.

The mundane rituals of each day seem to wiggle their way into what I believe should be down time. I guess I’ll have plenty of down time though when I hit the golden years, or rather what used to be considered the golden years. I am sure I will miss all the little things we all so often complain about. You know, like when we complain about the summer heat and make calls for autumn and winter but when we get that reprieve, we complain about the cold and beg for the warmth of spring and summer once more. We humans are such an odd bunch. No wonder why my animals look at me like a lunatic. I simply haven’t mastered the zen they have.

There’s always the things I never consider, such as a getting sideswiped in the grocery store parking lot on my way home with dinner or getting all the way home and then finally remembering the damned cat and dog chow. Then, for some unidentifiable reason, as if I haven’t enough on my plate I take on other responsibilities like classroom mom to further over extend myself. I am a nut. Chalk all this up to one woman’s mental chaos.


Third grade has seen tremendous improvements over second grade for my youngest which, I am tickled over. Yet, it took all summer of a self-created Mommy Math Boot Camp to get her past the hurdles of the previous two years where she was lost and just expected to catch up, sooner or later. I couldn’t be more proud of how she has grown this year and her improving attitude towards school with her new-found confidence in math. Now to just keep that enthusiasm going. Her choleric temperament offsets that of her sister but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My oldest, Queen Victoria, has begun her very first semester of college and seems to be well on her way towards becoming a self-reliant, world-class contributing, member of society. Her effervescent personality has permeated every aspect of her life and every soul she comes into contact with. Who knew 19 years ago when I first set eyes upon her that she would truly live up to the meaning of her name? I had hoped, but now I know.

The dear hubby is (as always) masterfully dancing around and through my divine chaos. If the remote is close by, the kids are fed and happy, and I am not being a pest, then he is the world’s happiest man. This doesn’t happen for long though because it is one of my duties to irritate him to no ends. Well, not a duty, but sometimes as a wife and best friend you just have to make waves. There is no fun in complacency, he needs me to intervene on behalf of his CNN, CSI, and ESPN addiction. Really, now that I think about it, I am doing him a favor.

All things said, my mind is always working though. I am always assembling snippets here and there then squirreling them away for those times when I can sit down and eke out a poem, story, or post for the blog. Nothing escapes my sight or imagination; and my wish to set my penned chaos adrift on the crest of minds who find something here of value has never waned.

The Art of Patience seems to coincide with The Art of Divine Chaos. Hang in there with me, my friends. I’m never too far away.

~Divine Chaos

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