Sealed With a Kiss


sealed with a kiss, drifting chaos, the art of divine chaos, poem

She came into the world soft but wailing

A brush of lips across one cheek sealed her fate

Each day she grew she learned new things

To smile and babble and learn to amuse herself

The chocolate-colored carpet her floor of mud

Chubby fingers pulling tufts of fibers loose

Pushing them into an odd circle and then pretending to eat her pies

As she aged her eyes grew wiser with knowledge

The double-edged sword of loving those who did not return the favor

Youth was wasted on her as those around her had long since forgotten

To nurture the innocence she had once come into the world with

By the time adulthood came she had lost and found herself many times

But nothing was steadfast in her world

Until she stood upon the dunes just above the shores of life

Considering her higher true self

When the wind blew softly kissing her cheek

Re-sealing her fate for a life complete.

~Divine Chaos

© Copyright 2013, Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credit: Unknown