Feathered Dreams


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Sleep permeates my being on a cellular level

Leaving me listless and barely responsive

Nighttime comes swiftly these days

Although waking comes much sooner

Dreams no longer mean anything

They are not even remembered upon groggily waking

The day begins with one minute melting into the next

Then finally again this small fragile bird

Once more searches out the nest

Familiar leaves and twigs entwined tight against the wind

Only for the rain to drop the bottom out again

Thank you Mother Nature for wings that span the horizon

But why must these other dwellers build into my sky

Another tree found and the building of a nest begins anew

Then as before, sleep permeates my feathered body on a cellular level.

Tonight though it will be different

I will wake and mark my dreams upon the nest’s walls

Stories for my younglings to take into the world

Making the long flights of these wings immortal.

~Divine Chaos

© Copyright 2013, Copyrighted.com Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credit: Nikol Vizioli