Kintal, my thanks…



I am delighted to finally have a chance to respond to some comments that have come through the blog whilst I wrestled with real life and the dreaded back to school pandemonium that happens to all parents as the sadistic end to summer. Once I began responding to comments I realized Kintal (whose blog I love, go check it out!) had left me a link in one of the comments. Needless to say I am tickled pink to see she had found something of worth here at my little corner of chaos and nominated me for this award.

Part of the award is to thank that person who nominated you, so without further ado… Thank you, Kintal. You could not have brightened my day more! The second part of the award is to tell the readers seven interesting things about yourself. So if you’re prepared to hear my version of interesting, I’m ready to share it!

1. My favorite animal is the cow. Yes, I said cows. I love their moo. I love their mottled coats. I love their strong and silent type personality. Plus I like that brown cows make chocolate milk. It’s my fave.

2. I swear by butter. I don’t want any of your partially hydrogenated spreads. Not your 70% vegetable oil spread. Not even Country Crock with its tempting spread-ability. I like butter. Fried chicken tastes even better when you add one stick of butter to the oil. Chef secret from down south. Don’t tell anyone.

3. I have recently been nominated for sainthood for sustaining under extreme duress the person known as my husband, Don. Well, actually, I nominated myself but I think I am deserving. You would too if you met him, he’s a nutter butter.

4.  I am a history junkie. I watch the History channel every night as my fall asleep white noise. I enjoy learning of ancient civilizations and cultures. In fact, you could just hook me up to a history I.V. and I’d be in heaven. As it’s said, “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” That little gem is attributed to George Santayana.

5. I love Christmas. I love it so much I put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving and don’t take it down until after the first of the new year. During that 45 day stretch I spend all my time watching Christmas movies, my favorite one being A Christmas Story, which to my never-ending delight, is played every Christmas Eve for 24 hours straight on TBS. Ahh, that’s one fine movie.

6. I get a kick out of lovingly annoying my animals. Trivial annoyances such as peanut butter teasers for the dog or petting my cats the wrong way. I even tap on the fishbowl imagining the fish thinks some kind of underwater danger is approaching.

7. I am an only child. As such, I amuse the mess out of myself sometimes. I am quite content to be alone and I find my own jokes to be pretty damn hysterical. It also served as the launchpad for my love of reading and writing.

So there you have it. Hopefully those seven qualify as interesting or I might find that in reality I am really quite the bore, so just nod and agree that those are some super-duper interesting facts about the Chaos!

Now for my 15 nominees, another prerequisite for the award. Before I list them, I want each of you and each of them to know I nominated these 15 because I admire the talent and time put into their work. Writing in any form is sharing a spark of your soul with whomever comes across your work. That in itself is an act of fearlessness and I applaud such sharing.
















I could have done a 100 more so for those I missed please do not think I have forgotten you. Because in my mind each of us is a versatile blogger, recognized or not.

~Divine Chaos

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