As the sun begins to set pink clouds shroud his arrival with dusk

I steal one last glimpse of the beauty above then slip back and slam the door tight

Darting to each window securing each lock

Blinds pulled down and curtains drawn close

The lamps hastily turned off not one drop of light invades this self-made coffin

Standing in the middle of the room I no longer hear the birds with songs

The crickets have left

Even the mosquitoes are gone

I take to the couch and curl into a ball

Soft velour cover pulled and snaked tight about my frame

A weak shield from him and his dark games

Moments seem like lifetimes as I sit and pray

That for once this will be the day

That he has forgotten where I live and wishes not my mind to play

Slumber sets in when I let down my guard for only an eye’s blink

Dreams begin but nightmares soon invade

He once again has found my secret space

The walls of my mind expand to meet the expectations of his demons

I succumb to the torture throughout the evening

Tighter I curl into a fetal position

My shield has slipped free now belonging to the floor

In repose I whimper but on he goes

Then  mercy imposes with dawn’s breaking light

His back turns abruptly and he disappears from sight

I wake in a sweat, sleep clinging to my skin

But tonight he will return to begin this all once again…

~Divine Chaos

© Copyright 2013, Copyrighted.com Heather M. as Divine Chaos All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credit: Aphostol