Justin Bieber Reminds Us to Dream

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Justin Bieber enters his dream at the DC Verizon Center.

I know you read that title and thought I was SEO tracking, but I’m not. This weekend Justin Bieber reminded me of an important aspect of our dreams. I had the pleasure of going to see him with my eight year old daughter at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. this past Saturday. At one point during the concert, Justin’s voice cut through the cacophony of squealing teenage girls to thank all his family and fans. I believe his exact quote was, “I want to thank all of you here. Because of you I am living my dream.”

At that very moment I thought that’s it; that’s my next post. Because I so often forget that my dreams are my own, but to an extent  without the support and help of those who love me and believe in my dreams I probably could not sustain those dreams. How many times do we all forget all the people who have helped make our dreams possible? We all obviously count our family and friends who have helped us in immeasurable and obvious ways. I know I can easily name those who are close to me that have helped me on my list of dreams, big and small.

What I often fail to remember is the minor players in the act that is my life. There have been times when a bus I am on is running late. I sit there in frustration, jaw clenched knowing I am not going to make the connecting bus, which now means I will be late walking into class. If I walk into class late I feel as though I am interrupting the professor and all eyes are on me. By the time I get to the only seat left way in the back I feel like a one man marching band making noise along the way. Then I get settled and I realize I have no idea what this professor is talking about because I’ve missed the slide show and introductory lecture making me wonder why I just didn’t say eff this class and go study in the library until my next class begins.

But then something wonderful happens. I get off the one bus mumbling under my breath. My connecting bus is pulling off and there I am on the corner to give an angered send off when the bus stops and the driver waves me over. The driver, who has sen me nearly every day for two years, remembers my face not only stops but waits for the light to change so I can safely cross the street. When I climb the steps he smiles broadly and speaks while pulling off, “You know I wouldn’t pull off without you.” I thank him profusely and apologize for holding the bus up thankfully to make this gift better, there is still a seat–I won’t have to stand.

See, it is the little people I often forget, I have a million little anecdotes which run this same gambit and it was Justin Bieber who reminded me of that this weekend. I may not have a symphony of teenage girls cheering me on, but I do have my own personal league of fans that includes the bus driver, the cashier who moves the line quickly, the neighbor who stops to ask how I am, the mail carrier who brings me some bit of hope in a letter, and countless others. I don’t stop often enough to think of them until hindsight kicks in.

And that my friends is what the swaggy, Justin Bieber taught me this weekend. To remember that each person, even the naysayer who I feel compelled to prove wrong; is playing a part in my dreams. Each time one of you reads a post you are progressing my dreams. So for every family member who has stood beside and behind me, for every friend who has listened to my good and bad, to all the nameless strangers in my day-to-day life, and to each of you who find something here of enough worth to read till the end–I thank you. A million times over, I thank you, And for those who have forgotten to thank you for your major or minor roles in their dream’s success, I thank you on their behalf because it has somehow led me to you personally and virtually.

And lastly, for my own pure enjoyment, a picture of me and my Punky at the concert where I was reminded to thank all the players in my dreams…

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~Divine Chaos

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