Forgotten Reminders



Realization crashes over him
There is nothing more for him here
The love that once resided here has long since left
The shadows play across the wall
Revealing the light spots where pictures once stood

One hand touches the wall where his favorite photo hung
His eyes then look to the worn floorboards where it had crashed to so long ago
He turns slowly, eyes moving up the steps
Recalling the days when laughter was heard from above and below

A cold wind blows, his arms tuck tight to his sides
The shattered window allows this reminder tonight.
He shuffles slowly to the door not wishing to be here anymore
As he reaches the door he notices its slight movement
How long had he promised to fix that for her

He groans with pain and flings the door wide
Meeting the world again ripped of his pride
As he crosses the walk he notices her favorite tree
A circuit about it as one hand rubs the bark
Snow brushed aside now reveals the old marks

A crude heart carved upon the tree’s skin
I love you now and I loved you then is carved within.
Had he known she had left such love letters would he have fixed the door?
Or would he still be right here wishing to hold her once more…


© Copyright 2013,

Photo Credit: Flaming Love