She Stands Alone



She stands alone buried in thoughts
Contemplating who she’s been and all that she’s not.
Tears prick at the edge of almond-shaped eyes
A quick snap of her neck allows her hair to hang low
Low enough to hide the tear’s betrayal of a brave front
Hands dig further into deep pockets
half heartedly searching for the umpteenth time
maybe for spare change or just a shot of hope

Those who pass by seem not to notice the mousy girl
Standing alone in the center of the world
Hands come up empty and steal a swipe
Across moist lashes and choppy bangs
She moves a pace or two first left, no-no she moves right
She moves as though it takes three men’s might.
The man in a rush in his charcoal suit offers no apology as he throws her off step
The last bit of dignity she possessed has finally left.

She stands alone buried in thoughts
Admitting to the world life does not turn out the way once thought
A sigh escapes and she struggles ahead
finding a spot where the grass is dead
Dropping low and curling tight
This small patch of earth is her bed tonight

When she awakes no dreams are meant to be remembered
Just another day trying to get by
another day of no one caring to ask why
The freckles that once danced across the bridge of her nose
are now covered in dust. No longer seen for a lover to count.
She no longer feels the pangs of hunger
She is too weighed down with more pressing matters

Who will love her and care to see
The woman she was and is meant to be.
She stands alone buried in thoughts
Finally accepting all that she’s not.


*Dedicated to every girl in the world who has questioned her place in this world and those who fail to see her.*

© Copyright 2013,

Photo Credit: Google Search