How I ended up here is a mystery
looking over a shoulder no path is left behind

Gaze shifts forward unable to cut through the brush
swaying for a moment in the warm embrace of dusk

Body puddles into a neat mess upon the unkempt grass
mind clouded by fear’s heavy grasp

Dizzying are the thoughts that kick up the winds of nightmares past
choking to breathe the heart skips a beat

Ears prick suddenly at the whisper of tiny feet
shifting to the side curled into a crescent

The fairies appear with a dim glow
fluttering overhead their dust drifting like snow

Calm now is the body in sweet repose
kept under moonbeams that light the way

For dreams and wishes to come out to play
time moves so quickly it seems

Shooing away the last vestige of dreams
stretching out the kinks eyes finally blink

Forgetting so quickly the alternate universe
to stand now again on solid ground

The fairies have left, nowhere to be found
a sigh settles upon the morning breeze

The dream world, once more,has set you free.


© Copyright 2013, Copyrighted.com

Photo Credit: Endless Waiting