Join Me?



On your soapbox

Filled with self righteous indignation

Chest blown up

Inflating the ego echoing from your mouthpiece

Kill the messenger

Smite those who disagree

The only one right here is me, me, me.

Wave the gawkers over

Make yourself feel powerful with their proximity

Failing though to hear the laughter they hide

Agree to disagree

Oh no, not here

Only my arguments are valid

To hell with the rest of you.

This soapbox has given me fame

See, they listen now they know my name.

The avarice is recycled through

And now all the lookers on begin to spread apart

Come down from there

your vision is out of line

You may taint the young mind.

Once tainted what will we do?

Living in a world filled one by one

with people just like you…


© Copyright 2013,

Photo Credit: Google Search