Again it starts like any other day,

I wake up to find myself in yet another haze.

Conditions to be met, obligations to be kept.

Unknown people to hurt me still to be met.

The shackle around my ankle feels tighter today

The board across my shoulders feels more tightly strung.

The spirit within feels more tightly wound.

Wading through fog, no clear end in sight

No clear distinction of wrong nor right

The day slips on into another fret filed night.

Nightmares and Monsters pay once again their respects

Etched upon the soul the evils they wrought and spent.

Tragic are the losses, lackluster are the wins

In this game called life there is only one end.

And each man will choose his life’s personal sin.

Another night rolls into day stirring up the dust upon the winds.

No way to win and no way to play, the game evolves  for those willing to still play

The lines  blur between reality and fantasy this and every day,

Narrow are my soles that walk the blurred line

Is it even possible to find the destination in time?

Go! Advance! Push with force.

Cry a little louder, try a little harder, walk just a bit farther.

Forget there are no loved ones’ arms to surround you

Just the ones waiting for your fall so your mind will be bound to your failures.

The blurred lines  never end, and once more a new day begins.

The haze as always has again settled in…


© Copyright 2013,

Photo Credit: Google Images