Diamond in the Soul



Sleep evades

thoughts permeate.

At the fork in the road

which route to take.

Both are covered with

dust and debris

but one must surely be marked for me.

A hand digs deep

to pull loose the petals that made the flower weep.

Fingers clench tightly over the loves me and loves me nots

Eyes close, heart in a knot.

The mind is shushed with determined will.

Then the first step is taken with calculated risk

One petal dropped to find the way back

Never trusting the soul to pick the right path.

Along the way there are potholes and storms

but when looking over a shoulder the path reveals

The wind has swept the petals away

Faith in them was of little consequence

It was the faith in the first step, the journey

that time spent

And to look at me now, who knows where it all went.

Shoulders are broader though their load is much lighter

The heart that was once torn has been worn like coal

to reveal the diamond within the soul.


© Copyright 2013, Copyrighted.com

Photo Credit: Diana Grigore