Lightning Rider



Ever have this feeling where you are grasping at something that only flashes before you momentarily? You see it and as soon as your brain registers it -POOF- it’s gone. I feel like that today. Like everything is just a flash. Time, people, problems, solutions, hope, faith all just flashing by. The problem is getting ahold of the truth and finding the purpose in any of the aforementioned instances.

Take time for example, When you are connecting with family or friends the time just disappears or it can drag on and on. People can be loyal and steadfast, sticking with you through the best and worst of situations or you can find through cause and effect, which people were never meant to be a longstanding part of your life. Problems, meh. Everyone has them but some seem to focus on the problem while others acknowledge the problem and let it be what it is. I suppose this is where faith comes in. You either have it, moving quickly and littering faith over your circumstances or move too slowly just to watch the skies darken again. Solutions are much the same. Some immediately have solutions to any problem that confronts them while others struggle and feel weighed down as they wait for a solution to arise. And I imagine here is where hope comes in. You hope you will find a solution or that the one you’ve planned is the right one. Again, it’s all about catching the flashes of light.

The problem with all of this is learning to find the balance of it all, I suppose. Sort of like, catching lightning and holding on. Of course this seems impossible but is it? Some have been struck by lightning and lived, others have passed on. I imagine that grasping something so powerful yet beautiful could be scary but mightn’t it be amazing too? Too simply have faith that the lightning, when it flashes, will strike close enough for you to grasp hold of and ride out the storm upon.

I am learning to ride out life’s storms, the ones involving time, people, problems, and solutions- with faith and hope. The hardest part though is waiting for my ride to show up.


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Photo Credit: Andrew Lucas

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