Urban Jungle



Occasionally, I find myself with unlimited amounts of time in which I can simply think and do nothing. I am by nature a doer however, I am also by nature and personality type a thinker and introvert. There is lots of time to be wasted on a day such as today. I can either drive myself mad with questions and problems I’ve no solution to or I could daydream about, well, anything actually.

Today the daydream was a bit imaginative. Call it the Lioness. I considered, and pondered, and mused what life as a biological lioness is like. I figured it is of course hot and  requires a lot of traveling, hunting, and sleeping. I suppose that could become tiring just sitting in the same tree every day or roaming the same stretch of desert each evening. I am sure the thrill of chasing down your prey is an adrenaline rush but the time-consuming task of having to eat 40 lbs. of meat just turns me off.

So, I considered a human, urban lioness. One which prowls through life always watching and waiting for the most opportune time to use their own special skill set. Each day setting out upon the same narrow path with unyielding determination, yet always recognizing when something is slightly askew or perhaps, awry. Protecting with fierce loyalty her mate, cubs, and values. Amber hues always summing up the small intuitive details others miss, noting the difference between the outer persona and inner self. Hidden behind the fur garments lays a playful spirit, brought about by those she trusts and has accepted within her pride.

Her manicure is nondescript unless goaded, allowing them to then bare in defense. And like the biological lioness, it takes only one small thing, a quill’s dig to make an enemy of her. Her tail, her walk speaks its own language, hinting at her moods begging the listener to come hither or merely just watch with envy. But, ahh, when she lays her eyes upon the One,  a  low purr softly emanates from her being as she strokes alongside him. The rasp of her form against his slowly begins a dance that ends not. Their bond unbreakable within the urban jungle.

Yes, today I am a lioness and I will wander with my pride no matter where the wind settles the sand.


© Copyright 2013, Copyrighted.com

Picture Credit: Mark Cadogan