Impatience Be



Damn it, Impatience! You’ve done it again. Each day I think to myself I am going to be patient because when I am not patient I have a nasty attitude and get so easily frustrated that it makes me act out of character. This, I do not like.

To be quite frank, I am sick of you. I think it would serve us both well if you packed up your arsenal of things that make me impatient and move onto a person whose life and career is in need of such things. Perhaps, a Wall Street Broker? I don’t care as long as you leave here.

I am ready to take back my mellow and work on my Zen. Toodles for now Impatience. Oh! There’s no need to write or visit; I’ll be too busy to play with you any longer.


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Photo Credit – Impatience by Ileana Hunter