Life’s Fragility



Far too often I forget that I am actually a  fragile soul as are others. Society, life experience, and the world in general conspire to command strength. And, therein lies the eternal paradox. Of course no one wants to be so fragile they cannot stand life’s slings. The truth is we want life and people to accept us without pity or drama. You won’t always know how fragile you or another is, but know this, fragility lays within us all.

Maintaining a rough exterior to guard a fragile heart and soul can be exhausting. Though we walk on from the past hurts and pain, the ego will occasionally sneak up on you when you have your guard down and your fragility is exposed for all to see. For instance, when you feel discarded as a friend, or hear something unkind said about or to you, or even when a mere stranger cannot afford to look you in the eye. Truly it could be anything, we just forget that we were made to be fragile and strong at the same time.

What’s the harm in being fragile? Well, nothing intrinsically, yet it can cause issues you later find yourself having to re-evaluate. Fragile souls tend to take things personally, more personally than any person should. This can lead to a fear of making friends or becoming cynical with those you come into contact with.The fear of being rejected, scorned, lied to, emotionally hurt, or judged firmly lodges fragility more deeply within the essence of a person. Many times, others have no clue just how fragile one might be.

We each go on about our day, forgetting to say hello and goodbye not realizing that may be the only greeting one gets that day. We forget to smile when that may be a gift to another. We forget to assume everyone is working with their best intentions.We forget that we’ve no true understanding of the other person and their struggles or life experiences.Quite simply, we forget to be human with each other.

We participate in typecasting each other, gossiping, judging, and putting on masks. This can only be for one of two reasons: we are fragile and must lift ourselves up at the expense of another or we refuse to see the fragility of another being.

It is time to own our fragility while taking responsibility for the fragile souls of those around us. How else will we ever evolve? Today, embrace fragility wholeheartedly in yourself, your family, your friends, society and the world at large. Then carry that embrace into each day, because we are all fragile on some level and will want a kind embrace.


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