Blessings Count


Many days I find myself asking why me? Being human I am prone to the same self-defeating attitudes as anyone else can be. But recently I have been doing some major soul searching. What I’ve found is several things.

Not everyone is going to like you
Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend
Those who gossip with you will gossip about you
Not everyone wants to see you succeed
You will not always succeed
The past is exactly where it needs to be
I can be anything and anyone I want despite the doubters
Habits are hard to break but totally worth it in the end
I am worth more than I and others sometimes give me credit for
I am far more richly blessed than I care to remember some days

Number 10 is the clincher though. I am richly blessed, Not in wealth, not in a voluminous number of friends, not by pure unbridled genius, but rather, in love, ability, intelligence, intention, dedication, determination,and perseverance.

I am going to make myself a special little jar after this post and everytime I feel down, discouraged, disliked, or unable I am going to jot down one reason I am richly blessed. I think I will leave my jar alone until I find the perfect time to open it. Not a holiday because I don’t want to tie this into some holiday ritual or tradition but maybe on my birthday or after a big life accomplishment.

Blessings are not religious, they are innately spiritual and they do count. So I am going to begin to fill my jar. Maybe you could make one too, my friends.

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