If a tree falls in the woods….



I spent this week at my new job, getting acclimated with my tasks and responsibilities, which since I work at the same school I attend and this is the summer, means getting more familiar -if that’s even possible- with facebook and twitter. In fact, I became so ridiculously bored with both of these social venues that I decided to hit the library. (I love how conveinant working on a college campus is.)

I have been debating dropping my psych class for  a philosophy class. This in turn led to me making the clearly intelligent choice of checking out to many books on philosophy to see if it was truly as interesting as I think it might be. So, now I have a stack of books staring me in the face and I intend to devour these all by Monday. I am ambitious, yes?

I have it in my head that the digestion of more philosophy and ethics can only aid me in becoming not only intellectually smarter but also emotionally and consciously smarter. Well, at least I am hoping this happens. In reality I will probably just stare at the stack some time tomorrow night and realize I am more equipped to draw out a list on why I do not have the time to read these.

If my next post sounds slightly more universal and carries more awareness you may assume that I have read them….or at least skimmed them!

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