And It Begins…


So, I have been putzing about Tumblr for awhile now. My original intention was to of course begin a blog however, every time I attempted to begin a post I would second guess myself and my ideas and just head on back to my {safe} Facebook page. Well virtual Tumblr world, I am here and to my amazement {finally!} this blank white text box is being violated with my intention via words written in a classic font.

I suppose at this point I should probably get to the point and I would if I had actually decided upon one before beginning this blurb. What’s a grown woman to do? Something thought provoking and beyond intelligent is most likely what others are hoping for, unfortunately, I can’t promise that will happen often {or ever really} in this budding blog.

What will I fill this blog with then? I am hoping to fill it with something new. I won’t try to sell you on this something being improved: even though new and improved is of course the only thing worth your time and money. Anyhow, I digress. No, what I will be tainted this square white box with is—Me.

Now, I am sure a few eyebrows went up and I can visualize the dramatic eye-rolling but hear me out please. I intend to do something revolutionary—in fact it will be groundbreaking! Are you simply dying to know how? Alright, here it is, my ingenious and dare I say groundbreaking idea…….

I intend to have no set direction. No navigation what so ever. Pure unadulterated uncensored Me. How’s that grab ya? I know, I know it sounds crazy but just imagine all the topics I can hit upon having no set theme. Imagine going on a journey with me with no sense of direction. The possibilities are innumerable.

I wear many hats and run the gambit of highs and lows on any given day. Going into this the one thing I do want to remember and that I want those out there to know is that I am not perfect. I am human. I am fallible. I am grown in number but still growing in spirit.

What does that disclaimer really mean? It means some days I may be feeling melancholy or irritable and my posts may reflect such. Some days I might be a wordy {like right now} while other days I may be concise and to the point. I could be of inspired spirit or of malaise. I might post a picture or quote to relay my thoughts, feelings and opinions. These could be indicators of things I am struggling with or things I have accomplished. It could just be forno reason other than I like it or I want to. One never knows.

I can assure you though every thought word, story, qoute, or  picture will always reflect some true facet of Me. And it will be “The Art of Divine Chaos.” Shall we walk together?

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